Maintenance of small excavator

2023/05/26 17:18

1. Preheating of the hydraulic device. When the temperature of the hydraulic oil is low, rapid operation will cause damage to the hydraulic device.

1. The engine of the small excavator is running at a medium speed, operating the bucket, and preheating;

2. Jack up the machine to rotate the crawler to preheat the left and right walking motors respectively;

3. Then, the engine speed is raised to the highest, so that the bucket and stick work continuously for 5 minutes;

At the same time, pay full attention to the safety of the surrounding environment during warm-up operation. When the temperature is low, people's response will be relatively slow, and it is necessary to prevent touching people and objects around during the warm-up.

2. To warm up the engine of a small excavator, the first step in getting on the car, the engine should be started and run at low speed for 5 minutes. At the same time, the following inspections should be carried out during the preheating of the small excavator engine:

1. Whether the oil warning light is off;

2. Whether there is oil leakage or water leakage;

3. Whether the sound of the engine and the color of exhaust gas are normal;

4. Whether the charging indicator is off;

5. Whether each part of the machine is abnormal.