Backhoe Loader Classification

2023/06/08 14:45

The slag loader commonly used in tunnel shafts, also known as rock loader, is now replaced by backhoe loader (bucket slag loader). It is required to be short in size, sturdy and durable, easy to operate, easy to walk, high production efficiency, continuous and non-intermittent operation, and safe and environmentally friendly. The slag loader (rock loader) has three walking modes: tire type, track type, and crawler type. According to the bucket type of the slag loading machine, it can be divided into four types: bucket type; crab claw type; vertical claw type; bucket type. The first three are gradually eliminated and replaced by the bucket type in construction practice. Intermittent can not be continuous, reciprocating is not flexible, working ability is low, unsafe caused by large dust, operation is not humanized, rock block requirements are small, and the slope is limited and other defects.

The tire-type slag loader is only suitable for small models that work in a space of 1.7 meters. It can only work in flat roads. Its disadvantage is that it is prone to slipping, sinking and scratching tires in tunnels and tunnels in water and soil surrounding rock and hard rock. , The benefit is low, and the food consumption is small; its advantage is that the slag is loaded in the ultra-small space, and the price is the cheapest but more cost-effective than labor. The track-type slag raking machine is suitable for supporting rail transportation and is more economical, but its working range is limited, it is more troublesome to lay rails, and it cannot work on slopes; its advantages are moderate price, higher efficiency, and greater food consumption. The grilled material is big and much. The crawler slag loader combines all the advantages and disadvantages of the above, but the initial investment is more expensive, but the benefits are greatly doubled and the construction period is reduced to the lowest point.

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