The slag loader commonly used in tunnel shafts, also known as rock loader, is now replaced by backhoe loader (bucket slag loader). It is required to be short in size, sturdy and durable, easy to operate, easy to walk, high production efficiency, continuous and non-intermittent operation, and safe
2023/06/08 14:45
1. Before excavating the backhoe loader, fix the mouth and outriggers of the loading bucket with the ground, keep the front and rear wheels slightly off the ground, and keep the level of the fuselage to improve the stability of the machine. Before digging, turn the loading bucket over so that the
2023/06/08 14:44
The biggest feature of the skid steer loader is that the overall size of the machine is small, and it can be turned in place; it can be randomly and quickly replaced or hooked up to various working devices at the job site. Its use mainly has the following aspects.1. Since its minimum turning radius
2023/06/08 14:43