Points To Note When Leveling The Excavator

2023/06/08 14:41

1. The car should stand flat

If the excavator can't stand level, the gods will also be uneven when they come.

Two, the eyes must live

Staring at the bucket through the glass for a long time to operate leveling is prone to illusion and fatigue. Therefore, you should observe the leveled ground from various angles from time to time, and you will find that different angles will give you different feelings.

Three, choose the surrounding reference objects

For example, the place that has been leveled, the color of the soil layer, etc.

Fourth, there is a fixed angle of the bucket

Measure the height with the bucket and the foundation slope, and when the excavator is flat, close to the leveled ground, turn 180 degrees, you can see the height difference, etc.

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