Diesel is mainly used as the power of tractors, large automobiles, diesel locomotives, civil engineering, excavators, loaders, fishing boats, diesel generator sets and agricultural machinery, and is the fuel for diesel engines such as diesel vehicles and tractors.As the fuel consumption of high-
2023/06/08 14:42
1. The car should stand flatIf the excavator can't stand level, the gods will also be uneven when they come.Two, the eyes must liveStaring at the bucket through the glass for a long time to operate leveling is prone to illusion and fatigue. Therefore, you should observe the leveled ground from
2023/06/08 14:41
If small excavators are not used in winter, they should be properly kept and maintained. Best performance when used again1. Clean the dirt on the surface of the small excavator and check for loose fasteners.2. Check whether the antifreeze liquid level and the engine oil level are normal, check
2023/06/08 14:38